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Antech, Sound Imaging is excited to offer these
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Vscan Air™
See More. Treat Faster. From Anywhere.
A truly wireless, lightweight handheld ultrasound system that enables the flexible performance of whole patient scanning anywhere from the convenience of your pocket.
Avoid Shipping Costs, purchase your handheld probe on the floor at WVC and walk away with it. 
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The Self-Training Laser

The market is riddled with products that boast complex user interfaces and complicated protocol selection workflows. The point of a therapy laser is to be immediately useful and intuitive to a technician staff that has better things to do with their time than to try to decipher the difference between tendonitis and tendinosis when they are tasked with treating an elbow. doctorVet’s intuitive interface brings you to the treatment screen with a fully optimized protocol in no more than 3 touches of the screen.

Creating Consistency:

Tech-to-Tech | Patient-to-Patient |Treatment-to-Treatment

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 Sound HD Dental™
The Right Image, The Right Angle, The First Time

This veterinary specific digital dental system combines a proven CMOS technology sensor, Carbon Nano Tube (CNT) technology x-ray generators, state of the art software, along with Sound’s excellent customer support. The ease of use and flexibility is rapidly making it a favorite in the veterinary dental community.

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Versana Active™

Advanced. Capable. Adaptable.

Versana Active™ ultrasound system delivers the imaging capability of a console in a hand-carried, lightweight package that enables you to actively take your system to your patients, on premises or remote facilities. This reliable system brings the agility of a laptop unit with capability for attaching it to a cart. Adaptable to cover a broad range of everyday exams, it is easy to carry bringing care directly to your patient.
This Bundle Offer Includes:
Versana Active Portable Ultrasound
Height Adjustable Docking Cart,
8C-RS Probe | 12L-RS Probe
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Versana Premier™ R2

Powerful. Versatile. Productive. 

The Versana Premier R2, is the preeminent ultrasound system of GE’s new Versana line of products. Versana is noteworthy of advanced performance, unambiguous image quality and inclusive productivity and training tools in a new ergonomically versatile industrial design.
This Bundle Offer Includes:
Versana Premier R2 Console Ultrasound
8C-RS Probe | 12L-RS Probe
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